Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Firefox Theme created - Psychedelic Whisp 1

Hi friends,

I created another fun Mozilla Firefox Theme.  Hope you love it!

This one is called Psychedelic Whisp 1.

It's available here

Thanks for visiting!


New Firefox Theme Created - Hippe Magic 1

Hi folks, just created a new Mozilla Firefox theme called Hippie Magic 1.  Its a tie dye color fest.

Please enjoy! 

New Firefox Theme Created - Dreamy Magical Sky 1

Hi guys.  I created a theme for Mozilla Firefox browser today.  Here are the header and footer.
It's called Dreamy Magical Sky 1.

Here is the link



New Firefox Theme Created - Violet Electricity

I just created this theme for Mozilla Firefox Themes.  Here are the header and footer. 

It's called Violet Electricity.

Here is the link



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BrightSoul's Bejeweled Fabrics 2 FREEBIE Seamless Textures

Made to look like rich velvet these textures should be great for your princesses and castles.  Made in Filter Forge.

BrightSoul's Bejeweled Fabrics 1 FREEBIE Seamless Textures

Sharing Beautiful Seamless Fabric Textures.  These should be beautiful as if they were velvet with gold or silver on them.  Enjoy!

BrightSoul's Tiny White Tiles Freebie

Here's another for you.  White tiles, perfect for an old bathroom or kitchen counter.   Even a backsplash.  Enjoy!  These should be good for your gaming engine or 3d art.  Made with Filter Forge and Crazy Bump for optimal bumpiness!  Credit is nice but not necessary.