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You can make your own bump and diffuse textures by using crazy bump. It takes me an immense amount of time to do them in filter forge but crazy bump is pretty fast and does a great job.

Download Crazybump here
Just import your texture and have fun making your bump maps and diffuse textures (etc) as great as you want.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Bright Soul Graphics Grass Materials Freebie For Unreal Engine or Unity 3D Game Engine



So I tested them out in a world with procedural foilage generation and it looks pretty good for each material.

I am working on a texture pack for my Bright Soul Landscape Grasses 1 which will have 5 landscape materials each slightly different variation of the same texture plus a bonus texture for snowy grass.  Most of them use the same texture but is just a variation of the one primary texture.

My methodology so far is to use various methods to hand create a texture from images in combination with hand editing and filters and then export the maps into Crazy Bump and adjust the normals and other maps so they are more defined.   I also have some great photos I have taken that I will be also making into texture /material packs.  There are sample images below of each texture on the landscape.  After putting these pretty textures on your landscape then add some soft blowy grass and trees meshes and you are off to the races!

The textures are

2048 x 2048 pixels
Hand Made and Sculpted
Hand Made Normal Maps for more ooomph!
Physically Based Rendering
For Tessalation

You can get a copy of Crazy Bump here  It has a windows and mac version.  I can also use photos that I took with my iphone as the resolution is crazy beautiful and import them into something that will make it a seamless texture.  Afterwards I export out the various parts of the image into diffuse, normal, specular, ambient occlusion, etc.

I hear there is also a program called Awesome Bump and Insane Bump but I know nothing of them.  One is supposed to be for Blender.   I don't use blender but a lot of people love blender so if you need it for Blender it is out there I believe.

The biggest problem I am having at the moment is finding the right way to export the whole thing from Unreal Engine as I was creating these in 4.10.  I tried several times and I am not sure things are working right so I might have to make the whole thing in 4.9 as well as they are not exporting properly in 4.10.

The pack will be a freebie since it is my first time making these textures.  I am sick of not finding anything good on the market.

I have included some of the files below, just right click and save as,  though you will need to make your own tga files from the diffuse or just use the diffuse map for albedo.  Either way you get the picture, literally.

 I am determined to make some good textures / material packs for decent prices.  It feels like there is not much in the Unreal Engine store.  Unity has a great store already though but freebies are always something we can use.

See you again soon!

Bright Soul

Bright Soul Landscape Grasses 1 Material Package for Unreal Engine Coming Soon!  FREE!

By providing freebies,  I can get your feedback and you guys can help me understand if I did anything wrong while making them before I start charging for them.  My goal is to make them 5 Materials for 5 and 1 Bonus Material Free.  I will get them uploaded as soon as possible.  We are experiencing difficulty with the 4.10 export but if you can't wait there is a set above for download.  Just right click and save as...Have fun with it.

Texture 1 Shown Below

Texture 2 Shown Below

Texture 3 Shown Below

Texture 4 Shown Below

Texture 5 Shown Below

Texture 6 Shown Below * BONUS TEXTURE *

Feel free to comment me if you want.  I really want to know who is out there wanting more textures at free to nominal pricing.  Seeing packages from 14.99 to 89.99 and higher I thought it would be better to make smaller packages with focused subjects, i.e. sand, grass, moss, ice, etc. for more reasonable prices.


  1. You Are Awesome And Your Textures Are Really Neat No One Can Even Question This.

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate this and I am doing a lot more textures now as you can see. Have fun creating!