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You can make your own bump and diffuse textures by using crazy bump. It takes me an immense amount of time to do them in filter forge but crazy bump is pretty fast and does a great job.

Download Crazybump here
Just import your texture and have fun making your bump maps and diffuse textures (etc) as great as you want.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ultra Modern Seamless Fabric Tile FREE Png and Tga

So not much going on today I have a lot of work to do somewhere else.  But I thought I would post this really cool ultra modern seamless wallpaper for your 3d creations.  I envision it on a wall in a ultra modern house but you could use it for anything really.  It could be a fabric for some clothing or a tablecloth.  It could also work as a window screen, floor tile or bedding.

It's 2048 x 2048 so it's nice and big but you can resize it for whatever your project is.  It's in png format.  Just convert it to a .tga if you are using it for a game engine like Unreal Engine.  If you need me to convert it for you just send me a comment.

It's seamless and tiles beautifully.

Anyways have fun.  Send some love in comments if you wish!

Right click this png image and save as or download .tga below...

I am including the .tga file in case you don't have a utility to convert it.

Click here for download.  (shared from my

Special thanks to Filter Forge and Mystic Blue Raven for the filter to make it.

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