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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Testing Complete - BS Grasses 1 Material Test Images Sneak Peek Preview

Hi Gaming and Art Enthusiasts...

(Please be patient, due to some bugs I am going to redo this on my windows machine instead of the mac so it should be here later this week)

So I ran some tests.  I am still working on the download.  I should have it up later tonight or tomorrow morning but no promises as I just had two surgeries in October and I never know how I will feel from moment to moment, I am a bit drained.

My last surgery was about a week ago and I had a nice hole carved in my scalp to remove some skin cancer so it's all stitched up and occasionally hurts but for the most part I am doing great at this point.

The Test Images are below...just incase you want to skim past all the blabbing.  I am not ready to release the file yet but I should have it done by tonight or tomorrow morning (Nov 3-4, 2015), no promises though in case something holds it up.

PS this is not for the grass mesh it is for the grass materials on the landscape.  I do plan to work on some grass meshes in the near future.

It would appear there are some strange and small bugs with naming conventions in Unreal Engine 4.10.  I renamed most the files so they are shorter names but they still show as longer names after dragging the files into Unreal Engine.

I am just amazed at the problem which is after I updated Unreal Engine.  I am supposed to keep file names under 20 characters.  Ugh.  Not sure that will happen full as I may have to go rename all the textures too.  And then retest.  But I did run a sort of quick test on the mats in a scene.

These scenes are un-rendered scenes (meaning I was not in play mode) but I could not play Unreal Engine on the Mac while doing a print screen but I think you can see enough they are good starter Mats.

I will see if I can put them through Unity too and either have a mat download or just provide the files for you.  I will definitely work on providing the mats for Unreal Engine.  But it will be nice to just give you the textures in a zip file so you can use them for what ever game engine or art project you have.

You will be able to use them for anything.  Make sure to peek at the Readme file as I have given credit to anyone or anything involved in the creation process.

Here are some images of the mats in Unreal Engine in a procedural foliage test game I was working on.

Remember I am still new to Unreal Engine and fairly new to Unity as well so my work is still in the learning process so if I screw anything up too much don't be too hard on me.  I do like constructive criticism so make sure and leave me some comments and some love!!

Check back regularly as I want to put out some great freebies for you all.  Don't forget to vote today!

Bright Soul


Mat 1 Test (Really Green Grass) Below

Mat 2 Test (Really Green With A Small Amount of Dry Grass) Below

Mat 3 Test (Really Green with Tan Dry Grass) Below

Mat 4 Test (Really Green with Brown Dry Grass)

Mat 5 Test (Really Green with Yellow Grass) Below

Mat 6 Test (Snowy White With a Tinge of Dark Green) Below

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